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Reply to "Concorso Italiano 2016 Photos and Report"

There are two trophy programs.

The Concorso awards 3 trophies: first, second, and third best De Tomaso of Show.

Pantera International awards 9 trophies: first and second place in four classes, plus best De Tomaso of show. Pantera Internationals' awards program is based on "popular judging".

As usual Debbie managed our awards program, while I ran around, making a fool of myself, interfacing with the Concorso program.

Here's a pic of our trophies, that's Debbie and I in the background. I'm proud to say I think Pantera International's trophies have evolved to become better than the Concorso's trophies. Our best of show trophy is amazing (its huge and heavy).

Mary Taphorn was kind enough to take this picture for us. We enjoyed having a chance to visit with John and Mary this weekend.


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