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Reply to "DeTomaso Mangusta Owner’s Manual Set sold on BAT for $4200"

Interesting, here is an original manual on ebay (seller inherited from his Grandfather's car!). What is interesting is the 2 stubs, the owner guesses were warranty cards. The text in the manual at "service" mentions 3 maintenance coupons, has anybody seen these ?

update 11/24/19; the manual came with 8ma1134....I'd wondered if only early cars had the lube diagram, but one question is now the opposite...were these glued starting some time later..or maybe, like all things Mangusta, things were not so consistently done...). At least, if anybody knows the owner of 1134 (Provamo has a pic of it at a concours this year, am the owner apparently had a black goose w/webers he swapped license plates to/fro), their manual remains for sale on Ebay--Lee


Mangusta manual chassis pic and stub


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  • 8ma 1134 Mangusta manual chassis pic and stub
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