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Should I keep the dual point distributor or go breakerless? If breakerless what is the reliable choice?

Okay guys I would like to seek opinions on the way to go with the ignition system.

The car (9193) is all original and I wanted to keep it that way but accessing the points is a pain as is removing the distributor ( P/N D3PE-12127-PA ). I pulled it to pre-oil the engine so I took a good look at the dual points. Not good with one of the oil felts bent over and dry.

From a long time ago I remember dual point distributors being a constant maintenance item. Always in need of adjustment after a short period. Not fun considering the poor Pantera access so maybe a pointless ( Petronix ) setup would be wise.  Trouble is I tried that on my TR6 and the damn thing failed twice. Once on the 405 and that sucked so I went back to a single point setup for reliability. So I have doubts on Petronix quality.

Next, I am unable to locate the correct point and condenser P/N's for the distributor. FD8285XV was what was installed but I want to be sure they are the correct points for the dist. Would really like to know the OEM ( Motorcraft )P/N and what oil to use on the felts. The quality of the aftermarket and new parts is not what it once was so maybe I could find an original point / condenser set. Also can't locate the initial gap to use before setting dwell. I don't even have a dwell meter but I could use a Fluke if I had to or buy one.

What do you guys think the smart call is ? I don't need a race car ignition and I sure don't want to be stuck on the 405 again. Performance while driving in LA is not as important as reliability. Here you could be shot or run over if your car breaks and slows other people down. I was lucky with the 405 break down. Don't want to go there in the Pantera.

Thoughts, info and or advise needed.


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