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Taken through RH gill window 

88A984FF-6E53-47BF-AE3E-70BF55D0BE4F5733010B-000D-4F6C-9350-1D7D1893B0845FCA612A-5A29-4C7F-98DB-F56B5DCCA733  Now that she is home and basically an empty, rolling shell, 2511 offers the perfect opportunity to revamp the electrical panel and I have been making recent progress in that area.

 While my layout is specific to my needs, I think the main take away from my approach is that I am fabricating a shelf in the original location so components can be accessed with just the removal of the engine covers, rather than from underneath and all the steps that approach requires.   

 Since I have a replacement PMGR starter, I am deleting the stock starter solenoid in favor of a smaller but amply-rated relay/solenoid.

 I have also elected to install an auxiliary fuse block to power the engine management items. This will take some load off of the main fuse panel, always a good thing.  This fuse block is powered through another high-amp relay which is triggered with the ignition switch start/run circuits.


 First photo is an early mock up that has been deep-sixed, but it shows the area occupied by the shelf. Of note is that 2511 no longer has the charcoal canister and my coolant bottles have been relocated. Cars with stock located coolant  bottles should have more room available.

 Second and third photos are the current progression of the component layout. 

 Shelf will attach to firewall-mounted brackets with bolts and will be removable.  Target goal is to have all but the high amperage circuits connected to the wire harness using multi pin connectors, so the entire component shelf can be assembled/removed for troubleshooting  on a bench  




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