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Reply to "Ford EDIS Distributorless Ignition (for Forest G)"


Originally posted by Aus Ford:

... What options are available that you have seen for coil on plug ignitions for the 351c ...

I'm not familiar with any "commercially available" options, although I'm sure they must exist.

I'll make this quick observation - the small coil packs designed for "coil-on-plug" ignitions are designed for over-head cam motors where the coils are nowhere near the exhaust system. The heat of the exhaust system shall shorten the life of such coils. The best option for the Cleveland shall be to roll your own ignition using the GM/Chevy coils designed for coil-near plug (CNP) installations, such as those used on the various LS motors. The coils mount on or near the valve covers and are attached to the plugs via short ignition wires. See the picture of John Becker's installation below.

The same crankshaft trigger wheel that is employed for wasted spark ignitions is employed for individual coil ignitions too; but since "individual coil" ignitions only fire the spark plugs once for every two revolutions of the crankshaft, a second “camshaft position sensor” must also be employed. A cam position sensor for the 351C is available from Price Motorsports Engineering (PME), part number CS-351C/M/429.

In terms of retro-fitting a distributorless ignition to an older engine, the main advantages of a COP or CNP ignition appears to be elimination of the long ignition wires (cosmetics?). The life of the spark plugs shall be doubled if a cam position sensor is employed.


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