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Reply to "Movie Trailer: Ford Vs Ferrari (2019)"

I saw Ford v. Ferrari movie last night with John H Horsman, a friend of mine, who was Chief Engineer for JWAE.  JWAE successfully campaigned the GT-40s at LeMans in 1968 and 1969, after Ford retired from the LeMans program.

John H, his wife Janet and my wife and I went out and saw the film. 

When we went to the theatre, I cautioned John that no outbursts of laughter during the film would be tolerated! 

It was quite an enjoyable, and exciting film.  John, being associated with the GT-40 program as he was, said that he was impressed, and that it was a much better film than he was expecting.  He gave it 1 ½ thumbs up (our of two)!  I think that is pretty high praise.

He definitely stated that there was quite a bit of "Hollywood" in it, and he disagreed with the on-screen portrayal of Ken Miles - who (John stated) was completely dedicated to the Carrol Shelby programs, and wasn't (as portrayed in the film) in an on-again / off-again relationship with the Shelby.  He also stated that Ken Miles was refined, well-bred, and articulate, and Ken was not the erratic character as portrayed in the film.

He also said that the actor who portrayed Phil Remington didn't look anything like him!

He also stated:

  • In real LeMans racing (and even the test driving) there is a lot less tire squealing than there was in the film.  Burnouts just take life off the critical tires.
  • The LeMans pit area was well done, and just like it was back in "his day".
  • In real LeMans racing, the drivers don't typically drive beside each other for extended periods, giving each other evil and contentious looks.
  • In real LeMans racing, the drivers, whenever they get to some exciting point in the race, don't always jam down the throttle, and shift (either up or down) as they showed throughout the film.
  • In real LeMans racing, you generally do not see red-hot brakes glowing when driving in rainy conditions.


Anyway, it was great fun, and a great film. 

Here's a few pictures of the event, and some backup material.

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