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Forgeline Wheel Fitment for stock '72

This might be my first post here.  Have lurked for a bit.

I'm working on ordering some new wheels for my stock '72 through Forgeline.  

I've attached my measurements / Forgeline fitment sheet.

Love the fitment of Marty Quadland's Pantera.  He went 18" x 12.5" rear and 18" x 9" front but neither he or Forgeline could remember the offsets (was before Forgeline started tracking past measurements).

Forgeline did have specs from a set of wheels they did that had a similar setup to Marty's:

18" x 9" (5" Backspace) / 18" x 12.5" (7" Backspace).

Questions for y'all:

1. Do my measurements look similar to what you all have found (on similar stock Pre L types)? 

2.  If my measurements are good/correct, a 7" backspace on a 12.5" wheel (13.5" rim edge to rim edge), leaves 6.5" frontspace.  This would stick out 1" even before tire allowance (if you reference my rear 5.5" front spacing measurement.  Either the example that Forgeline offered was different/modified in some way or my measurements are off or too ************ or....?

Thanks in advance!


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