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Reply to "Fuel Injection"

Originally posted by shelby racer:
Great article Blaine,im in the process of doing my new clevlor with inglese electronic fuel injection like webbers in looks the engine is stroked to a 438 callies rods and crank chevy journal 4 inch stroke 4.125 bore C.H.I. 225 3v heads meizre electric water pump ,Danny B timming belt ,comp cams mechanical roller, Fast distributor 11.1 compression on 60cc heads with diamond pistons,i have experience on the mechanical side running a NASCAR modified stock car for years in new England but no experience with electronic fuel injection im doing the mock up now with 180degree headers and having trouble with the linkage with the stock cable that they tell me will work,any and all help any photo's from your experiencewith greatly be greatly appreciated,thanks Jimmy

In order to use the modified stock Pantera throttle cable use this bellcrank kit. It will mount right up to the cast in tower in the intake manifold.

Mr. Gasket #1523.

You just need to shorten the supplied arms.

Why go with the most complicated solution? Simplify your life. You will live longer...AND be happier.

Chroming everything or cutting it out of billet doesn't make it better. Ask Inglese.


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