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Thanks for all the kind words guys.

Originally posted by DOES 200:
Group 4 looks great, but that blue on the stock body car looks fantastic. Never saw that shade blue put on a Pantera. Enjoy that wiiiiide group 4. You may be like me, I sold my stock body orange car after many years cuz the narrow body just didn't do it for me anymore. Nothin wrong with stock body however.

True. Jay Leno's car is almost the same blue. It's from a 2005 Ford GT and is one of the nicest blues I have ever seen on a Pantera. I too like both the wide and narrow cars, which is why I only sold ONE of my narrow cars. Big Grin

Originally posted by Matt W:
I just woke up with a hang over. This is the worst possible news. I can't believe it! I tell everyone the 401 story to Kingston when you and that Pantera kicked Viper ass.
New guy, you have an mazing Pantera. It's really really fast.

Matt, I am no "new guy" but agree that I have an amazing car in this one. BTW, it will still be kicking ass on the 401. And the 417, the 416, the 440.....

Originally posted by No Quarter:
Buyer of 2281 was actually considering buying my Pantera, but was by a Pantera "friend" of mine told of Mark's car, even though Mark's car was not advertised. A bit annoying, and my "friend" is now off the Xmas card list. With friends like these... Wink

But I know Mark's car is fine as well

So congratulations Mark both on the sale and on the purchase. Your purchase looks like a bloody fast mirror

As I understand it Mikael, your amazing car was firmly in a different price bracket, and only after realizing he needed to look at "lesser" cars, did mine come up. But I agree about the "fast mirror". The paint is so shiny it is intimidating. I swore I'd never own another black car, but who could pass this one up?

Originally posted by Rocky:
Last I saw, he had it configured so he could get his cars into his living room...

Nice! Very impressive.

(You should have kept the narrowbody, even though you also have the white one!)

Ha, Ha, Ha. My wife is awesome, but even SHE has her limits! No, my "lower" workshop (in my house) has a fireplace and huge windows, which can feel like a living room at times. David is referring to the new workshop/garage that I am almost finished building (finishing stages now). Apparently solvents/paints etc. are "frowned upon" when used inside the house. Eeker And I will (hopefully) never sell my white car (first child and all that...), but the blue car was always intended to be my "perfectly modified" Pantera. I had no intention of selling it but things aligned extremely nicely to allow me to move into a wide body car for a reasonable (all things are relative) upgrade cost. My preference was always a GT5-S, but the sale prices have been verging on insane at the last couple of auctions (no need to debate this as I know others still feel they are "under-priced" at $300K) but they are not "worth" that much money to me.