Goose 8MA642 Refurb and Repaint

Switched to this thread from previous "Production Data" thread.

The plan is to refurb both the exterior and the motor of 69 Goose 8MA642 (wouldn't call it a restoration). Will include pulling majority of components and have them cleaned/hot tanked/painted/chromed/etc or replaced if necessary, and replacing cam/lifters/pushrods to better accommodate Boss 302 with IDA Webers performance. Headers may be a bridge too far since the frame mod for the motor leaves very little room to route headers (unless I come up ala GT40). All the shortys and huggers I've seen on line are just to big.

Have gone thru the various versions of Goose cooling diagrams on the forum, and have come up with the attached cooling system without and with the heater connected (right now its disconnected). Does this look about right?




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