Reply to "Goose Starter"

You are working WAY too hard on this! You need to bottle up some of that energy and send it up to me so I can get rolling on my car!!!

Sounds to me like the replacement engine is indeed a stock hipo with the correct flywheel and someone busted a bellhousing, replacing it with a later version requiring the starter hole to be re-drilled....

BTW, the Goose motors were Mustang motors...same exact piece.....

There are two or three different versions of bellhousings, and there IS a bellhousing that accepts the 157T flywheel. It is just a very early piece and very rare! Not impossible to find....just harder than the other one!

So, if you want to rebuild your car properly you may want the proper bellhousing to match the stock flywheel....

Otherwise just order a flywheel for a 68 Cougar or Mustang with manual trans and a 302. Fits perfect. No reason to have one made up special........should be an off the shelf part.

Good luck!