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Reply to "Mangusta Headers, old and new! Information."

Here are two types of "aftermarket" headers, probably from Hall.

I am guessing that the first type is the aluminum looking ones. They have evidence of contact with the upper suspension arms. One is notched for smog tubes...the other not.

Second set is the black set, and appears to be later, in that they are modified to clear the suspension arms....however, the fit around the bolt holes (to the heads) is horrible and required a LOT of malletizing to get them to accept a bolt without having to loosen all 7 other bolts to do so!

Note the difference in the flange area of the collectors. Black set looks like a cut off cherry bomb muffler of sorts, while silver set has more of a tapered cone into the flange...

Note: All pictures from here on are with chassis "loaded" and not with wheels hanging in the air, so that suspension is shown "at rest".

First is a shot of the right hand silver header installed.

This side fits well.

This shows the relationship to the frame etc.

View from a little further back:

Beginnings of a template to show position.

Note cardboard up against frame and mark against weld...

Black header installed on RH side. Other than noted issues with cramped bolts..fits fine.

Flange view:

Further back:

Template shows difference in position of flange.

Pictures of LH silver header installed.

This area was REAL close...

Worked on it with a body hammer until I cracked the weld....welded it up...filed it down and had the thickness of a round pencil for clearance!

Flange view:

Mufflers from Mangusta Int'l, copies of the Ansas in stainless. These are natural finish as opposed to painted or ceramic coated. ( I still may send them out for that....)

Working on hanger dimensions now.....

Will update as I get materials and dimensions.

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