Reply to "Mangusta Headers, old and new! Information."

Damn......I knew I forgot to fix something!!!

All those pictures went KABLEWIE....when Comcast dumped picture hosting.... I need to re-edit all of those pictures and picture at a post I guess....

Lee, I believe I got the metal parts from Wilkensen, as Pantera parts.

I bought some rubber strap material in the proper thickness and did a DIY hanger along with the metal reinforcements for the holes!

Used a wood bit to cut the holes....was interesting!!!

I don't know why the rear strap appears to line up perfectly and the front is way off. Not sure if the mount was re-welded in a new position......would NOT surprise me if that was the case!!!!

BUT, you are correct, the straps are the same as a common car.....Alfa...Fiat..... and there is a short and a long version.

Now, if I could just recall where it was that I saw that info.......CRS is a beyatch!!!!




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