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How do you put a new frame under a unibody/monocot car? I am sure that it can be done by cutting into the car, but I am not sure about what would be gained by doing such a thing. Of course this is basically a reality television show, so what makes sense to us as owners might not appeal to the general viewing public.

like this


Dont know if it is like this one. or the one they make for the Ringbrothers Pantera.

Or mabye a new design?

First time we talk about there Pantera built was in Losangeles at the carshow in Marts.

That time they told me they will use a frame from Roadstershop and mabye a Ford V6 ECO boost engine, but not 100% chore about the engine.

They want to make more Space in the "cocpit" becourse the owner of the Pantera is a tall man, they say.

At SEMA they was still waiting on the frame from Roadstershop.