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Reply to "How sketchy are the stock valves?"

stock replacement valve lengths are listed as;


MELLING V1172 4 groove, Head Dia 2.19", 5.234" OAL

MELLING V1174 1 groove, Head Dia 2.19", 5.234" OAL

SEALED POWER V2075 4 groove, 2.04" Head Dia, 5.231" OAL


SEALED POWER V1879 Head Dia 1.71", 5.05" OAL

SEALED POWER V2030 4 groove, Head Dia 1.65", 5.05" OAL


Ferrea 5000 series are popular 1 piece single groove SS upgrade valves

F5037, Head Dia 2.19", 5.30" OAL

F5045, Head Dia 1.71", 5.06" OAL

size variations, 6000 & Competition series also


Si Valves came up the other day too,

Alex's Parts has a good reputation on the Old Cleveland Forum


FWIW it may be a good idea to let the shop take a look & see what you're working with before buying anything. you could have or need oversized guides and valve stems, and/or you may want an oversized valve head diameter to avoid having to replace seats. there's all kinds of repair tricks available. then you can source proper springs, retainers and locks the first time or better yet let the shop order the smalls in case they need to be returned / swapped for a different part number. it can take some jumbling on the bench to get all the clearances right, let the man work LOL. 'homers' get into all sorts of twists & fits trying to beat the learning curve