Reply to "Hub Seal Seating"

All of the advice given above is correct. Let me add a few points to the above advise.


  1. Please do not eliminate the hub seals. They are not dust seals. They seal out water and dirt, and seal in the grease.
  2. The Calipers are by design, offset more towards the center of the car (away from the wheel). The reason for this is because this kit uses the absolute largest rotors possible that will still fit under stock Campy’s. The Calipers are offset as much as possible to the center for added wheel clearance. This is not an issue at all since the pistons will easily compensate for the slightly offset rotor position.
  3. I noticed in one of your pictures some light shining between the outer pad and the rotor. That indicates it has some clearance. If the rotor is slightly rubbing as you spin the hub, it may be because the Rotor isn’t yet turning true (i.e. a slight wobble). If you put the wheel on and tighten the lug nuts, any wobble that was there should disappear. Since it is hard to see everything with the wheel on, you could take the wheel off and just put the lug nuts on each stud and tighten. That way you can inspect everything much easier and you can see that the rotor is running true. Note: You may have to add some washers or spacers between the lug nuts and the hub if the lug nuts don’t tighten up before running out of threads.
  4. After spinning the Rotors (with the lug nuts tightened) if there is only a slight rub occasionally, the install is fine. Once you “bed in” the pads everything will be perfect.
  5. Having said all the previous, if the outer pad is tight and you can feel a lot of resistance to turning the rotor, then we will need to take the existing spacer/shim and machine off .010-.020 thousandths. But like I said before, I can see clearance in one of your pictures.


So, to summarize: The offset position of the Caliper is by design to make clearance for stock Campy’s. Tighten the lug nuts and recheck the outer pads clearance. If it only slightly rubs in a random place during a single revolution, it will be fine once the pads are bedded in.


Please let me know if you have any other questions or give me a call.


Thanks, Scott