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Ignition Wiring

I'm upgrading to the Duraspark I system in the next few days and was lucky enough to locate NOS stuff, plus a rebuilt distributor. The attached pic is my current wiring from my points system and you can see the relay Bosch mini-relay I installed to the right of the coil. I want to clean up this wiring and have a question on some of the wires on the coil + terminal:

1. The red wire at 11 O'clock is for my choke

2. The wire with the black heat shrink at 1 O'clock is the power supply from the relay.

3. The paired wires at 5 O' clock, I have zero idea? When i turn the ignition on their is no current going to them? Maybe used for starting on the stock ignition. I know I won't need them per GPs wiring diagram for the Duraspark I. Any ideas?



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