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Ill fitting windshield trim

Hi Guys,

I have been following DD's many issues with his Pantera but the one concerning the fitting of the windshield cought my eye.

The trim on my Deauville windshield is lifting in both top corners. Almost as much as 3/8 inch in the far edges. The rubber is a 4 piece rubber and is actually still very supple. Original? I don't know.

The vendors all list a single rubber as per original spec.

The trim is a 2 piece like some Panteras. The screen is original from Saint Gobain so the fitment shouldn't be an issue.

The trim is the same as a Pantera, with the j-hook so fitting should be the same I guess. glass, rubber and trim go in as one.

Replacement screen is available here in Holland for a reasonable sum.

Should I go for it and take the whole lot out and start afresh? Apart from breaking the screen, I don't see that I have much to loose. It can't get much worse.

What do you guys think? ruit1ruit2ruit3ruit4ruit5


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