Reply to "Is door "vent" glass tempered or safety???"

Originally posted by LF - TP 2511:
Consensus is the glass is tempered so I cannot drill holes.

Yes Kirk, I know of the metal under the gasket trick. I am somewhat concerned of the weight of my Colt mirror and the fiberglass extension being a bit too heavy for glue or the metal under the gasket trick.

And again, 2511 is 700 miles away preventing any on the job discoveries or experimentation.

But knowing the drilling holes option is off the table at least narrows the solution selection process.



You could hang 20 lbs. off that procedure---trust me on this. It is far better that any gluing process and I have tried them all. The only one that worked was when I blasted the window in 1981 and epoxied the mirror back on after it fall off and bounced on the road.

I have had good luck with windshield urethane holding to the glass but have not tried it on mirrors because this is the only way in install them now.