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Reply to "Kurt Busch Pantera build"

The last time I looked the RBT was 14. Don't forget maybe 3 to go through your ZF as well.

The gearing available is listed on the RBT page.

You can drop 6th down, go to a 2.50 or 3 something first gear. It depends on what you want to do with the car?

If you want a 10 second car you HAVE to do something with the 2.20 first gear. That really should be second.

Hall put a 5.38 in the GTS and went into the 9's with it. That's the equivalent of a 2.80 first gear.

To me, I just don't see the point in gearing it for over 200. You would need to use that on a Super Speedway

The ass on the RBT hangs out a little more in the rear.

Maybe they will take your ZF in trade towards a 6 speed?

No matter how you look at it, there is more versatility in a 6 speed.