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Reply to "Kurt Busch Pantera build"


I hope this email finds you well. Here are the specifics answers to your four questions from yesterday.

The wind tunnel was a bust. We arrived at the tunnel on August 14th, there were technical issues on both ends car/telemetry and no data was collected. It is very difficult and expensive to run the Windsheer tunnel; it has a rolling stainless steel belt to accelerate the wheels and everything needs to be perfect. The only useful information was a "flow visual" or smoke at low speeds, unfortunately. We would like to return at a later date to resolve these for real downforce and drag numbers.

The air inlets were difficult to test as the engine needs to be pumping air to know the true effect. We do this with a large electric motor (10hp+) for the NASCAR cup cars. This being a one-off project we gave it our best guess. The engine tuner did see increased fuel rate and MAF numbers while on track vs. dyno. This was in the neighborhood of 2%, so I feel this was a small plus+. Some additional massaging in the scoop floor could make this a very good method of air inlet for any Pantera. I tried to make them similar to a Ferrari 512S "B-post" NACA.

The underside of the car has had extensive modifications, it was a collaboration between the KBI guys and LRR. There were "X" braces, seam welding, stiffening done to help the flex of the chassis; countless hours that never made it on TV. The firewall was scrubbed and the cage was paneled then used as the firewall. The rear frame was deeply notched to make room for the starter and dry sump oil pump. None of the upper chassis points were left stock, they were all made adjustable slots with spherical bearings and star camber slugs. It was a monumental engineering process......camber gain, bump steer, and caster were all optimized for the soft track tires.

The car will be at the Performance Racing Industry show in the PAC Racing Springs booth in Indianapolis on December 6th,7th,8th & 9th. We hope something further will develop with my friends at Mustangs and Fast Fords. Stay tuned!

Thanks, Jesse Walker


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