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Reply to "Kurt Busch Pantera build"

The term "ram air" was just a term invented in the '60s by 'marketing people' to attract the 'kids' to wanting the most 'bad as s' car on the block.

The advantage of a hood scoop, or cowl venting was not to force air into a carb or carbs like a supercharger, it was to find a cool air supply to the carb.

One of the results 'of studies' at the time was that disrupting the flow into the carb was harmful.

This was all with carbs as far as I know. Hilborn was the only fuel injection that I can think of and by todays standards is very crude with tuning it by mechanical means.

It is in many cases less tunable then a carburetor is.

It's the advent of an electronic control unit. ecu, that gives the flexibility necessary to take advantage of the fuel delivery improvement technology.

The outside cooler air works like a supercharger intercooler does. Even so, it's a very inefficient means with only a small percentage of what an intercooler can do.

The intercooler on my TT for instance drops the air temp 37 degrees. That simply isn't obtainable by just vent an intake system to the atmosphere in a location with cooler then engine compartment air.

How much additional hp that adds is really a function of how much more efficient it makes the turbo by reducing the heat generated by the system and what the cpu can do with ignition advance, a/f ratio, and fuel quantity with it.

This is a picture of the Forge intercooler that I have on my TT. The thing is maxed out. It may even be bigger then what the 911 guys mount. It's also 3" thick. (About 4" on top is concealed by the bumper.)

Forge likes to dyno all of their products and says they have dyno proof on this one of a 40hp gain over the stock set up which included two little plastic intercoolers. That's a noticeable increase even to me.

Now here is the point of this seeming departure off of the thread: Maybe if you can find a way to use these with carbs it will help you out but with carbs these things are likely to ice up with temp drops like 37 degrees?

Oh...this thing (under boost) whistles/whines like a son of a gun. I never considered that it would make a really bad, out of tune pipe organ, but it sure does.

Maybe Greg Lake would know how to tune it? (Emerson/Lake & Palmer). Wink


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