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Reply to "Kurt Busch Pantera build"

Nice. Considerably more intrusive though in the "911's"?

My issue now is how long is the clutch going to last with a 27psi boost?

The smell after even a brief blip has the clutch whispering to me I think? "Not long, not long!" This is the Christmas season. Is that the "ghost of Christmas future" or "Christmas present", already getting involved? Eeker

400hp is also the structural limit of this 1.8 block. Don't ask me what it shows on a dyno. I don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss. I'm afraid that I'm "just a little" over?

Although I love the 930's, one thing that I will say is that this TT Quatro is considerably easier to drive then my 930 was. In fact it's handling is so good that it is suspicious because the car doesn't drift at all.

An advantage with this intercooler is it doesn't cover up access to the engine.

It IS a concern that it hides under the front valence considering road obstructions and terrible licensed but incompetent street drivers. Not to mention road debris getting thrown against it.

It's aluminum and only worth $.23 a pound in scrap but that's NOT what the thing costs new?

So far I've gotten past the part of blowing the induction hoses off of the car. Last time was near a state park in the pouring rain in the dark and the cpu went into "limp home" which translates to about 4 mph.

The tower found me using the GPS function on my stupid phone. No one knew where I was, not even me.

With a 930, learning to put your foot into the throttle to pull it up in a turn is learnable on a track but lethal on the street.

The more boost that you go to, the harder to learn since it really slams when the power hits.

You know, my hair wasn't grey when I started this. I'm wondering if it's natural or artificially enhanced by terror?
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