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Small update from Norway Smiler
After blasting the rest of the body some surprise from the Swedish guy who claim to restore the car started to show Mad

Here are some pictures of what I find after blasting!

I just had to take the grainder and start cutting. everything was coverd in a 1/2" bondo.

After the car came home I had to build a jig so I can level the car.

Now the jig is level and I level the car on the jig and welded the car to the jig.

Her I have gut away the inner rocker and started to fit the outer rocker... Had to make new rocker when the old one was strait and not curved.

Her you can see the rocker start to fit, put on the flairs and the curve is not that bad... just need a little adjustment and tomorrow I will attracts the door.. will see if it fits

Need to cut the quarter panel to remove the nice work done to it applause

More work than expected Smiler
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