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Seeking advice regarding installation of 3 point seat belts

I have replaced the 2 point seat belts for 3 point some time ago. With lots of effort I could fix the role mechanism inside the right and left rockers the location of the original 2 point rolls.  But the set up is not good. Taking now advise for a team member to move the roll mechanism down on the fire wall and have only the fixture point within the rocker(s).
It seams to be a "standard procedure" documented in one of the magazines. What is the best location by experience?
Also, where did you cut the firewall big cover so the role mechanism fits. I added the below picture where I intent to cut the fire wall cover/the expoxy stuff (besides leaving the engine opening portion of the cover open, so the whole cover does not need to go in an out when working on the engine).
If someone please can provide a picture for the roll mechanism set up please.


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