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Reply to "Help me name this car"

Kjeld -

Is that your latest build?  I think so, since I recognize those wheels.  Very cool.  I can't tell if your car is done, and photographed in an artist's studio, or if it's a CGI rendition....

Here's some suggestions for you....

(Updated) I personally like Hrunting, Dáinsleif, or Angurvadal.

You might also try Tyrfing, because it's cursed.  You might end up changing your car's name to this depending on it's reliability.

  • Kladenets (also Samosek or Samosyok), the "self-swinging sword" is a fabulous magic sword in some Old Russian fairy tales. In English translations of Russian folklore, it may be rendered variously as "sword of steel". (Russian mythology)
  • Jokulsnaut, a sword belonging to Grettir which was later given to his brother Atli. (Sagas of Icelanders)
  • Kalevanmiekka, Kaleva's sword. (Finnish mythology)
  • Hrunting, the magical sword lent to Beowulf by Unferth which was annealed in venom.
  • Angurvadal (Stream of Anguish), a magical sword of Viking, and later Frithiof. The sword was inscribed with Runic letters, which blazed in time of war, but gleamed with a dim light in time of peace.
  • Dáinsleif (Dáinn's legacy), king Högni's sword that gave wounds that never healed and could not be unsheathed without killing a man.
  • Gram, the sword that Odin struck into the world tree Barnstokkr which only Sigmund the Völsung was able to pull out. It broke in battle with Odin but was later reforged by Sigmund's son Sigurd who used it to slay the dragon Fafnir. After being reforged, it could cleave an anvil in half.
  • Legbiter, the sword of Magnus III of Norway.
  • Mistilteinn, the magical sword of Prainn, the draugr, later owned by Hromundr Gripsson and it could never go blunt.
  • Quern-biter, sword of Haakon I of Norway and his follower, Thoralf Skolinson the Strong, said to be sharp enough to cut through quernstones.
  • Skofnung, the legendary sword of Danish king Hrólf Kraki. It was renowned for supernatural sharpness and hardness, as well as for being imbued with the spirits of the king's twelve faithful berserker bodyguards. A cut made by Skofnung will not heal. The only way to stop this is by touching the cut with the Skofnung stone.
  • Tyrfing (also Tirfing or Tyrving), the cursed sword of Svafrlami with a golden hilt that would never miss a stroke, would never rust and would cut through stone and iron as easily as through clothes. The dwarves made the sword, and it shone and gleamed like fire. However, they cursed it so that it would kill a man every time it was used and that it would be the cause of three great evils.

Hope this helps.  You may detect a theme here.


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