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GeorgS posted:

Hi everyone,

my name is Georg(e) and i am from Germany. So first: sorry for my bad english.  

I am thinking about buying a Pantera for several years now and finally decided to get one. 

Of course it would be best to find one here in Europe, but i imported my Dodge Charger in 2012, so if you are not in a hurry, an offer from America would be fine too.

I am looking in the prize range of 75000€ (85000$) and preferably the car is quite close to original, because of the German TÜV. 


Thanks a lot,



Georg: If you have not found a Pantera yet I have a blue 75 euro GTS made for Germany totally restored to original ( have factory build sheet) except for driveabiliy and safety items. Drive anywhere .( 92500) reason for selling not limber enough any more. also have a red 73 L model all numbers match totally restored except updated radiator and fans and holley carburator (have original).Less than 200 miles since restoration finished. (88800) Red car is my sons he wants a house. pm me for more information. Not very good on the computer