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Still haven't found those "ideal" Goose suspension settings yet.....

John here, has a question about shocks for the Goose. He has two going
out... I recall that Koni had special shocks built for a Goose in one of
the Sports Car Graphics writeups in late 69 and early 70, but I seriously
doubt that those exact ones are currently available.

Pantera shocks may be an option???

Can anyone help John out here???? He is OK with using his email address to
reply, but please copy me and the list as well!


>From: John R Siberell <>
>Yes, happy new year to you and yours. Hope your project is coming along
>nicely. If you have a digital camera, seeing some of your "action" shots
>would be a delight to see.
>I too would be interested in the shock settings. As a matter of fact, I
>have two leaking shocks and they need to be replaced. What brand and
>supplier would you recommend for all around replacements ?
>Chris Bupp and I have been pining away because the snow is so deep and we
>are unable to warm up the rigs with a quick spin around the block.
>More later,
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