Mangusta Brakes Update

Greetings all!!

I have a guy that is looking to rebuild his brake system and we can't seem to find a seal kit number to chase for the rear calipers! I'm also interested in pad part numbers that you've found as well, both front and rear.

I've done my car, but mine is equipped with the "Fiat-Girling" three piston cast iron design out back. What this guy has, as do most of you, is the aluminum two piston version. My parts guy can only seem to look up stuff by "application" and we all know how many books a Mangusta shows up in....! : )))))

Sooooo, until I find another application for these brakes, I hafta do it the old fashion way.... detective work!

Two ways to do this.... ask around and hope that one of youse guys has already done this and has sqirrelled away the information somewhere...for easy access!!!! OR, look at an old seal and see what the paint color bands are!!!

Girling put three ( I think that is all) paint stripes on the outer band of the rubber retractor/seal to indicate what it was. I believe that they used the same seal in many different units, but perhaps the dust boot changed... Now, our design does NOT use a dust cover/boot/seal, just the square retractor/seal.

Today, what you will get from vendors, is a kit that has 4 retractor/seals, and 4 dust covers. You use the one set and toss the dust boots.....a shame...but what ya gonna do!?

Are there any of you out there that have an old seal hanging on a nail somewhere....and can still make out the color stripes? ( I found this difficult on my seals due to the age...and the paint changing tints....)

Some info for your files should you need it: (Thanks to Gene Novy who send me some of this info some 7 years ago! I've added to it from personal experience.)

FRONT Calipers: 2 3/8" pistons (qty=2), referred to as a "CR" Known to be used on Aston Martin (DB4 GT), Lister Jag, Ford GT40, and some race Shelby Cobras (street 427??). Model specifics are not known.

The kit that I used in my car was a Girling SP2502 which is listed for the DB4 GT, but as I mentioned earlier, you discard the 4 dust boots, so there may be a more specific kit with only the seals needed....

Pad info????

REAR Calipers: 1 3/4" pistons (qty=2), referred to as "ORA". Specific applications unknown but probably used on GT40 and Shelby Cobra 427 cars. I would indeed like to know specific app's for these. Kit# ?????

Pad info????

Uses e-brake pads GPS518H which also fit Lotus Elan, Plus2, Climax Elite. (May also be listed under GDB518, GD518, MGB518) These units have a very high core charge on them.... so if you don't need to replace them....don't. I think they only come with about a 3/16" thick pad, so if yours appear good and thick, don't bother as you'll be wasting money!

REAR Calipers- 3 piston design: "Fiat-Girling" on cast iron casting. Takes Girling kit#SP2524. Small pistons(two per) tend to corrode and are part # 64325863.

Pads for this design are for a Jaguar E-type 69-75 H (R) Series 1,2,3. Part #FR0232

E-brake pad info same as the two piston type.

Master Cylinder Seals: These are 7/8" Alfa Romeo rear wheel cylinder seals (3 required) and are available under a part # 4115452 from GT Car Parts in Phoenix, 623-780-2200 (Dave). The rear seal is not available as far as I know, but it looks to be a wiper seal, so if you have a problem, this seal isn't going to save anything reuse it.

RESLEEVING: I had all of my original cylinders resleeved by Joe at Sierra Specialty, in bronze. (Calipers should not need this done as pistons do not touch walls.) First class job, and I should never need to do this job again! He can be reached at: 916-283-1886 3494 Chandler Rd, Quincy, CA 95971. He asks that you send the unit assembled with all the parts so he can take measurements etc. I just put my new seals in once I got it back from him. Be sure to use "brake assembly lube" on the new seals. Good bottle should last a lifetime!!! Sorta like anti-sieze!

Proportioning Valve: This is a part that is used in some cars and not in others. Some early cars got them, some didn't..... This is basically a spring loaded valve used to regulate pressure to the rear brakes. It is an odd unit bolted to the right hand frame rail, near the oil pan. One input line, two output. I purchased the last unit on the shelf in Modena years ago when I was there, and have not heard of any where to find them.

I tried to dissassemble it, as it looks rebuildable, but alas, the giant nut on the one end has become one with the aluminum casting!!!! No luck! I can only recommend replacing it with a "T" block and if needed, install and after market adjustable unit in a convenient location and go from there. Why some cars got it and some didn't is just another one of those DeTomaso "things"!!!

BRAKE FLUID: Girling has long recommended using Castrol LMA (Low Moisture Absorbing) dot 4 fluid. I buy it by the gallon from a local dealer (hit the web up for a dealer near you!) for about $19 or so. Stay away from any synthetics, (Dot 5) unless all you are doing is driving on and off a trailor....!!!! NOT recommended for street use except for in some motorcycles.
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