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Reply to "Mangusta front trunk - what's under the carpeting?"

Hi Chris, your car looks good!  My aluminum trunk panels were in bad shape, I'm re-using all solid sections but replacing the corroded areas.  Interestingly the steel stiffener on the bottom of the main trunk panel was fine, so was the spare tire bulge & reservoir cover.  The reservoir cover is the only complicated piece (note pounded relief for the speedometer cable, etc).  Hope these help...attempting to attach multiple images.


Images (12)
  • Back side of spare tire bulge
  • Bottom of trunk plate
  • extension 2: to be welded
  • front air block: needs 2 reliefs for radiator bleed screws
  • front aluminum assy
  • front panel with spare tire recess: on some Mangusta, design varies!
  • new botton plate w/ original extensions
  • Reservoir cover b
  • Reservoir cover installed 2
  • Reservoir cover installed
  • Reservoir cover top
  • Reservoir cover