Reply to "Mangusta - mostly NEW original parts for sale (Body, Suspension, Wheels, Exhausts, etc.)"

Stolen from the shuttered factory? Stock piled over the years by a parts hoarder?

@LeeA....I will get back too you soon

@SciFi this is us.
25 years in business with youngtimers, collector cars and historic motorsport.
We buy cars and sometimes the pre owner has a lot of parts.
We buy from collectors and mostly we sell to collectors.

The car on the profile picture is the car we had bought together with the spare parts package. The pre owner has bought all these parts from De Tomaso in 41100 Modena / Italy in 1990. These parts was the last available Mangusta parts. We have all the invoices!!!

Maybe your hobby is burglary ;-)
If not, and you wish to buy the package, I can send you the original invoices.
If yes, we have a big Dog and a security system, so be careful. :-D