Reply to "Mangusta - mostly NEW original parts for sale (Body, Suspension, Wheels, Exhausts, etc.)"


Some observations.
First, showing parts wrapped up isn't the best way to sell......I'm sure this can be understood.
That said, you need to unwrap the RH rear hatch cover and check it for damage! It looks like it was crushed...note that shape is a bit more "flat" than the left side part!

When you were there in 1990, you didn't get them all! I was there in 1996, and there wasn't much left, but the factory had no problem selling me used new! But I came away with some pieces that I did use on my car!!!

Some other notes....
Your lower front A-arms are likely late model pieces. I bought two of these and they are set up for late model (probably Koni) shocks. You can see where your shock pair, has what appears to be wider bushings in them. Bolt hole may be larger than most early cars also. Same dimensions as Pantera shocks!??

Interesting to see another brand of shocks was used! Ariston What is interesting is the factory didn't figure out if they were front or labeled them one of each! I think they are front but (cracking) rubber damper at top looks like the one used on way to tell without dimensions!

Jackshaft and Idler Bearings-sealed type....Throw them away if they are not rubber seal bearings, they will exhaust the internal grease and blow up....don't ask how I know this!!!!! One of these cheap assed jackshaft bearings had me changing it in the parking lot of a casino in Las Vegas.......that was an adventure!

Unibal Joints: Check these for proper thread pitch! Factory sold me fine thread versions that fit nothing in the car........ Thankfully I only bought two of the type...

Carburetor: 1967 production piece, likely a 550cfm for Comet/Fairlane Unable to find the #3115 list number anywhere! It is an "aftermarket" version of the carb, not OEM.

Distributor, as noted, 65 Comet/Fairlane 2V.

Carb and distributor are not worth shipping to anyone unless someone needs used spare parts. In my opinion.

Lugnuts: boy, I would give someones left nut for a set of these!!! Smiler

Water pump pulley: That is a 351C pulley 1970 or later. There should be a number stamped into it. Not a Mangusta part, and it will not work with stock pulleys due to different offset that began in 1970! Scrap it.

Hope you don't mind my thoughts!