MANGUSTA Motor mount insulators for sale.

They're back! Slightly higher price due to increase from the supplier... I also have these listed on ebay, if you want to pay more for them.....! So a deal for guys on the board here!

Never before offered MANGUSTA parts for sale! (These are smaller than Pantera mounts and are not intended to be used in a Pantera.)

Here are some new mounts that I had made up while working on my car. Previous type which was recommended by another lister, were less than ideal in my mind but were fine for his car which runs an upswept exhaust system, which would keep header temps far away from the insulators. Those particular ones were made of natural rubber and have a max' operational rating of 176F, short time to 212F. Material is not suitable** for exposure to gasoline, oils, and greases. (**Right off of the material data sheet, not my opinion!)

I selected new materials and had a new batch made up. New material is an "AcryloNitrile Butadiene Rubber", which ups the operational temperature range to 284F and short term exposure to 320F. This material has excellent resistance to gas, oils, and greases.

Size: 1.185" (30mm) thick at face to face.
2.965" (75mm) in diameter.
Bolt posts are 12mm-1.75 threads, 37mm long.

In a poll that I did, asking for dimensions of original mounts I had many responses back that were in the area of 1.125-1.3" thick. These were only available in the almost 1.2" thickness and the next thicker size was well past the 1.3" mark. So for only a difference of perhaps -.070--+.115" I wasn't going to sweat it! If one needs more height, shims can be used under the four bolts that hold the aluminum motor mount brackets to the engine, or a .100" shim could be placed between the mount and the insulator before tightening it down. Easy enough to do!!!

Like I said, I had a batch made up. This translates to "I have a bunch of these I will hopefully never need....and hopefully someone else will need some too!"

So, I am selling off the extras at the following rates:

$100- two rubber mounts, 4 stainless nylock nuts, 4 heavy thickness hardened washers, shipped in the US via priority mail with delivery confirmation.

$95 #2- two rubber mounts only (no hardware), shipped in the US via priority mail.

Nuts and washers may differ slightly in appearance from those shown. Nuts are stainless nylok type and washers are hardened thick versions.

International mailing: Cost for shipping will be actual $$$: these will weigh just under #3 packed, so should be able to go to most countries via first class post. Contact me to get shipping rates etc.

Paypal payments accepted, please add $3 for Paypal fees. USPS MO's also accepted. Note: second set of insulators will put weight above #3lbs so may affect rates for international buyers.

If interested, please drop me an email.



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