Reply to "Seeking Comments Regarding Our New Mangusta Wiring Diagram"

All, this looks a massive help to any of us re-wiring. My car (1028) is ex race car with lots of chopped up working.  I have a new Loom  from a company here in UK which I’ve used and the diagram is really useful.

I have also had Jon Haas (what a super guy) make me a Pantera style blade fuse box specifically for the Mangusta 

i intend to make /mould a resin fuse box cover to fit over the new blade fuses (it’s slightly larger than standard) to retain a stock look.

im hoping it will be a big improvement in functionality and reliability over original.

jon’s work is absolutely 1st class 

i was planning on doing an article on the instal for this forum in case it was of benefit to others, but am not at that stage yet and as my car will do some races this summer may not change things (ain’t broke at moment etc!) until the winter 

i am overseas for a few days but will try and provide more info when I’m back