Reply to "Maps of 351 Cleveland and Pantera Owners of America and the World"

...Adding, In the USA:

Vista, CA
Harrisburg, VA
Humble, TX
Laurens, IA
Algonquin, IL
Ontario, CA
Hampstead, NH
Louisville, KY
Pennsville, NJ
Branford, CT
Corpus Christi, TX
Hidalgo, TX

More to the World:

3X Victoria Australia
5X Australia
Australia is just now going Into 'Their' Summer.

Including 3 Pictures of a never before seen comparison of The Original Thermostat Skirt, to Our Skirt(Since 2013). Thicker Copper, Larger Diameter Skirt, for a More Efficient Restriction of the By-Pass. Old = .025" x .675" versus New = .055" x .725" The New Skirt is TALLER because it is Engineered to Contact the Entire 'Bulb', where-as the Old skirt is mounted on the Very Edge. The Flare of the Skirt, sits at the Exact Same Position with-in the Restrictor Plate.


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