Reply to "Maps of 351 Cleveland and Pantera Owners of America and the World"

Originally posted by Marlin Jack:
...Yes! You, and Everyone Else, Received the Massively Improved Piece!! All Parts have been Improved, Over the Originals, Starting with The First Part on Day One, Years Ago! I can't Explain It any better than that. Don't 'Over Think' It! And Don't Start any Freakin' Debates. I will Not Tolerate being Doubted!!

I Know You are just asking for confirmation.
But You must realize, You are 'Standing on My Turf', and could cause a Tsunami of a Backlash, directed at My Work and I!! Next time ask it on a PM.

So sorry,

I misunderstood and thought your posting of 11/04/15 was the introduction of the "new and improved", not knowing the product you have been offering from day one was reffered to as "N&I"

I have never seen an original RS333, I have only seen your offering.

please accept my appology