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Reply to "My Pantera listed for sale June 11 has not sold"

First off, the Pantera market is small. There are too many cars for the demand.

It's difficult sometimes to know what eliminates a car from consideration. It could be the paint is too shiny or just the exterior color?

Every color has it's fans and enemies. For resale on a Pantera, mathematically I'd say red is the safest color, or easiest to sell.

I would have to agree that in this case it isn't necessarily that the car has a custom interior, i.e., varied from dealer delivered new, but I do think it is the yellow AND the way it was applied.

Even though that is probably as true of a statement that can be made here, I don't think that a completely stock US Pantera interior puts the car on the "must have list". In fact IMO it is a MAJOR detractor to the car.

It (the original interior) just says "cheap, what was this guy on drugs" to me. It's a far fetch to what anyone expects in a "true exotic".

The original vinyl is the worst stuff I have EVER seen anywhere.

So my point is, even a completely stock car is going to run into re-sale blues.

You just need one person who loves yellow. Those people are USUALLY easy to spot though? Wink