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Hello all,
I am a new member so please pardon if this post is in the wrong forum.
Living in SoCal, 62 and being retired from over 40 years as a light aircraft mechanic.
Good news is that at last I'll should have time for a non-major Pantera project. I would like to drive the car while bringing it up to solid mechanical condition.I want to enjoy the car before I die so not too interested in spending the rest of my life fighting corrosion. Done enough of that on airplanes.
I am trying to come up to speed on these cars but the pricing is confusing.
What factors do you guys see as major pricing elements ?
I think that a newbie buyer could benefit a lot by having a Panter sherpa / sherpas who could prevent him from falling into a big hole or off the big cliff. So I'm asking for some help.Please !
I think I'm looking for as original (unmolested) as I can find but that does not seem to drive the price as with other cars.
Also have a question about the GTS models. I was looking at one (1989, S/N 9193) that is on ebay and was wonder if it would be possible to get a car like that through a CA smog inspection ? I know nothing about "grey market" cars.
Thanks all.

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