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Looking at purchasing my first pantera, found it locally modded, 72 wide body kit (glass),
"NASCAR" engine,"nascar" brakes, needs paint but it's still nice.
180 degree headers ceramic coated, Yates heads, yates intake 1150 street demon carb.
Original interior, nice glass, upgraded radiator, front mounted condenser, sanden ac compressor, cogged drive belt water pump/alt/ac comp, whale tail wing, upgrade headlights and fuse panel, billet 18X14 rear rims 18X11 front new tires, car is nice was built probably 10-12 years ago, running driver but needs love.
How concerned should I be about rust?
I know it has some and they will, found some angle iron welded to the rear suspention area and the pass door lower alignment lug is missing and the cup it goes into, but there is a rust hole in that spot.
It looks like it's been treated and painted, rockers window frame all look good.
Undercarriage looks like what I would expect for a 40+ year old car, I'm a mechanic by trade, Ac work electrice and mechanical don't scare me, but rust?
Any pointers would be great. Owner is straight up with me, he has let me look evreyware, and I trust him.
I haven't gotten it on a lift but have looked as much as I can under and in the wheel wells.I just don't know enough.


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