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Originally posted by kim k:
I have been in contact with an car glass manufacturer about one piece side windows for the doors. And i can have them made in 5mm green hardened glass.
But the molds for them is pretty labor intense so the price for just
the glass to my car is very high,
When the molds is made it is cheap to make more of them!

So to the question is some one else interested in them?
I can handle the orders and ship them out to you!
They becomes cheaper the more that is done.

Then i or we can make an tread about how to get them to fit the doors and the parts needed.
I can also make it a kit similar to the system i chose for my car.

I am not in to this to make money, It is just to get use of the expensive molds!

Is this manufacturer guy named Whiantti or something like that?
Dont trust him.