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I think it would be best to leave a small triangle i the front for mirror and without it i believe its impossible to get the glass in.

I have been in contact again with the auto glass company about the prices depending on how many i order and they promised to let me know soon!

The company is a very big car glass manufacturer here in Finland they are very professional so no need to worry about that.

Mark i have not looked in to it so much yet but i think it would be a pretty easy project. when you look at the picture you see that the window opening mechanism is becoming almost centered on the new glass! so i see no need to change that.
But then there is the metal strip under the quarter glass that's need some trimming and the front guides. If i do this i take lot of photos and make a tread.

Its so early in this project so i have not thought about every small detail yet.
If someone have any good idea about this let us know

Its always someone that already have invented your good idea Smiler

I tried to contact Rick R but no answer?
I will let you all know when i know some more!20161208_124556_[500x375)


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