OBIT: Ted Mitchell - Vader Racing and POCA Master Mechanic

Another Pantera giant has left us too soon.

Ted Mitchell of Vader Racing passed away on 31 March, 2018.

Ted was the POCA Master Mechanic for many years, a racer, innovator, and a prolific writer. Ted was also the founder and the first president of the POCA Chapter of the California Highway Panteras - Inland Empire (CHPIE)

I have several of his technical files he made available to the community via his Vader Racing website.

I met him at several Fun Rallys, an interesting gentleman, and the "Real Deal". He was an innovator, designing and marketing the Vader Cable Window regulator system, as well as a low-profile headlight system, and a great advertising executive... ("Wow - an inch really does make a difference!")

This picture of Ted and "Da Vader" came from the POCA Web-site (thanks). Ted was inducted into the POCA "Hall of Fame" in 2009 for his service to the Pantera Community.

Other pictures of Ted and his car would be appreciated for this thread.


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