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...90-100 MPH only in passing. Or that's all I will admit to here. 85-90 Cruising South I-5 Central Valley, California. Sustained temp on the Veglia, 165F. At My first gas Stop, 'Lost Hills', Cali. Interstate-5 South, we pulled off for fuel...ofcourse, All Cars are in Line, held up behind Slow and Stopped at a 'RedLight', Semi's.... The Digital Gauge is Now reading 226F Degrees! Was I worried? Kind'a, that's when I started relying on the Stock Veglia Gauge, right at 185F. NO, I was Not Going to Test, 'How Fast Can She Go', at This Time..

This was Not a Speed Contest. That Is for the 'SS Challenge'.

 And besides "...The Highway's Lined with Broken Heroes on a Last Chance Power Try!"... Broke-Down. Or, those who passed Me were soon seen, on the Side of the Interstate, having a 'Meaningful Conversation' with a CHP Officer! I was Thinking, That Should Have Been ME, pulled-over! And besides That...I saw some Beautiful Machinery! Like That Gorgeous BLUE Ferrari Roadster, in Pahrump! But! I was Never Challenged!

Everyone Behaved Themselves and were Polite and Very Respectful, On and Off the Road. 'We' All had a Great Time with a Lot of Fun, Cruising. We Shared the Road! Safe and Sane.

Actually, the Majority of On-lookers, acted as if They were Scared of the Pantera!? People were sure to 'Keep Their Distance', Very Few ever Spoke to Me!

Only the Pantera can Make a 'Fuel-Stop', an Event! A lot of Picture Taking. Kids hanging out of SUV Windows with their Smart-Phones. Groups of People, Standing, Waiting, Just to Hear the Kat 'Fire-Up'. And Fire-Up It Did! It's All On Video!

We Represented Our Marque, very well to the Best of Our Ability. 


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