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...90-100 MPH only in passing. Or that's all I will admit to here. 85-90 Cruising South I-5 Central Valley, California. Sustained temp on the Veglia, 165F. At My first gas Stop, 'Lost Hills', Cali. Interstate-5 South, we pulled off for fuel...ofcourse, All Cars are in Line, held up behind Slow and Stopped at a 'RedLight', Semi's.... The Digital Gauge is Now reading 226F Degrees! Was I worried? Kind'a, that's when I started relying on the Stock Veglia Gauge, right at 185F. NO, I was Not Going to Test, 'How Fast Can She Go', at This Time..

This was Not a Speed Contest. That Is for the 'SS Challenge'.

 And besides "...The Highway's Lined with Broken Heroes on a Last Chance Power Try!"... Broke-Down. Or, those who passed Me were soon seen, on the Side of the Interstate, having a 'Meaningful Conversation' with a CHP Officer! I was Thinking, That Should Have Been ME, pulled-over! And besides That...I Appreciated some Beautiful Machinery! Like That Gorgeous BLUE Ferrari Roadster, that pulled-up beside me, at a Red Light, in Pahrump! But! I was Never Challenged! I was making a Left turn for the Gas Station. It's on Video.

Everyone Behaved Themselves and were Polite and Very Respectful, On and Off the Road. 'We' All had a Great Time with a Lot of Fun, Cruising. We Shared the Road! Safe and Sane.

Actually, the Majority of On-lookers, acted as if They were Scared of the Pantera!? People were sure to 'Keep Their Distance', Very Few ever Spoke to Me!

Only the Pantera can Make a 'Fuel-Stop', an Event! A lot of Picture Taking. Kids hanging out of SUV Windows with their Smart-Phones. Groups of People, Standing, Waiting, Just to Hear the Kat 'Fire-Up'. And Fire-Up It Did! It's All On Video!

A Note, As many times as I Started that Boss Engine...I NEVER gave the Throttle a 'Free-Rev'. 1000 Miles from Home, 100 Miles from any repairs...I Have 'Spun' Con-Rod Bearings in the Past, from just an Unnecessary Act, and Deeply Regretted It! A look at My history would show, every time, I ever 'Showed-Off', I had to Pay the Heavy Consequences...Broken Parts(why I never raced for pinks), A Stiff Citation, and including suspension of Drivers' License. I was Never taken to Jail, though...(Knock on Wood). No More showing off!! The Cleveland doesn't need help impressing anybody, when She Fires, the Boss Roars! The '750' is Going Back On, by the Way!

We Represented Our Marque, Very Well to the Best of Our Ability. 


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