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Pantera #1424 Project

Hi all! Introducing myself after joining the forum a few weeks ago - I have recently acquired Pantera 1424 which allegedly has some interesting history in the movies which I'm looking to clarify as part of the cars complete restoration in time.

First things first though - getting it back on the road and registered here in Australia so I can enjoy the car a bit while getting it around to relevant specialists to get everything sorted for a full bare metal strip down and restoration of the car inside and out.

I hope this all posts up ok - my forum experience is a good as my Pantera experience, but I'll be looking to improve both in the very near future.

We got it out on the road a couple of days ago and while it's got a lot of electrical work to be done (next weeks project for the auto elec) mechanically it's not too bad after a new clutch install and general motor service and tune.

It's had at least three lives that I can see just looking at the paint - the original orange / red / rust colour on the bottom with a yellow over that then the black which it has now. Depending on how it's history can be determined coupled with advice from others (like you guys here) in the know I'll try to do this particular car justice in the best possible way.

I'll get some more stuff up on it's progress / slowgress / nogress / regress (my four stages of project management) later.

However - here's a shot of it as it stands just now.




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