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Reply to "Pantera #1424 Project"

So I've been out of town for a bit and come back to see how Peter and his guys have been going on the car and find front hood off, radiator out, seats out and more indications of the previous life(s) of the car.

The front isn't any way near as rusty as I thought it would be now we can see more clearly into it with the radiator out - but the electrical work is proving frustrating for the Auto Elec as it's a step by step process for him - find a problem, then we have to find parts to sort that then move on to finding the next problem.

Burnt out light relay and wiring is the next thing to sort after getting rid of the complete electrical system bypass that had been installed by Universal. The car even with the fuse board removed to get cleaned was able to be started..

With the radiator now out - I'll look into getting all that upgraded as well. It was going to happen eventually, but no time like the present with the Australian summer coming on (might need to look into getting the AC system re-enstated as well).

Photo below shows the different colours the car has been from the original metallic rusty red (don't know the official name of that colour yet), to a yellow to the black....


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