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Reply to "Pantera #1424 Project"

We've been quietly working away on 1424 the past few weeks - it's still looking rough when I left it on Wednesday but hopefully it'll be coming together the past couple of days and next week.

Peter (the awesome mechanic looking after the works at the moment) and his guys have had their auto elec go through the whole car and get all the lights working. They've undone the hollywood treatment so it starts off the ignition barrel now instead of having everything bypassed.

We've installed the radiator and of course with the electrical all sorted we've got the radiator fans working now as well. Hopefully now we'll be able to not cook it when it drives....

The lights have new limit switches are installed, a new light switch and headlamp relay (still coming but will be here Monday) will help and brass cogs have been put into both the light and electric window drives.

Replacement front bumpers and indicators should arrive Monday to get installed so we can then get the rough parts of the paint "touched up" to see how it goes on it's first attempt at getting registered here.... Being a LHD car and I intend to keep it that way they want it "as stock as a rock" so we'll see what they think of the 17" wheels and black paint... everything else is ok (apart from the Holley carb and the MSD ignition....)

Interior all boned out at the moment...


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