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Reply to "Pantera #1424 Project"

Testing some links.... Hopefully it works.

Since Jan I've been steadily working away on things as I've had time. Lots to catch you all up with - but we'll try this and see if it works before I get carried away.

Finally got to dealing with the flakey clear coat on the drivers side guard.

Had to scrape the busted up clear coat off then sanded back until it was all smoothed out.

Found some more of the cars history with the yellow coming through but also had some filler on top of it in some areas....

Masked up and ready to paint - first time I've ever put paint on a car... so it might as well be on a Pantera.

The black in two areas over the filler just wouldn't smooth out.

Ended up getting a sealer coat down over that area and sanding back... made all the difference.

Ended up getting a nice colour coat on it finally.