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Reply to "Pantera #5172 project"

Some progress with the Cat.
We started modifying the headlights back to the original style with my dad who is way more experienced with welding etc.
Because I didn't manage to get any of the original parts we decided to make those ourself.

Oh, those hideous lights..

Rough cut

Little bit cleaned hole. Gladly original frame was in mostly in good shape.

Welded a bit more lip to the frame.

New selfmade headlight cover. Because the part of the frame was cut away I didn't have correct shape for the cover. We made it close enough the original only using pics from the internet. Can't say thay are OEM, but neither is the car nor the engine.

I will be using those same headlights as there was already modified by previous owner. Just to make the headlight a little bit lower and smoother than the orginal big ones...

Mechanism for the lights will be used with linear actuator. I will post pics of it soon.
Actuator will be only on the other side and it turns the rod as the original motor does.

Then I will also modify those side grills which replaced the small windows behind the doors. I will make side scoops from the glass fiber. I need also fix the glass fiber front hood. It's quite unsuitable and twisted. Also the rear hood quicklock holes need to be welded and build mechanism for the opening.

My goal is to take car to the paintshop this summer.
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