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Reply to "Pantera # 5357 - Rocky's 1973 L model"

You may have seen my previous thread about poking around inside of my ZF... Things inside there were worse than I thought, but it seems that I caught the problem just in time....

Am I the Luckiest Guy in the World?

Anyway -

Here are the remainder of the pictures of the ZF Safety Wire project. Actually, once the ZF differential case was opened up, it was pretty straightforward. We didn't get into the gear sets.

One thing that is hard to find in one place are all the torque values. Here's a good resource - but it doesn't have them all. When you do this, you can give Lloyd, Les, Ron, or Dennis a call - they know all this stuff off the top of their heads...

Auger Resources - Pantera Information (ZF Transaxle Page)

Thanks again to Wade who gave me 1) a hand, and 2) confidence.... and I quote: "I've fixed Volkswagen Transaxles before.. Can't be all that much different than those things!"

Here's the pictures:

Nicely Painted Spicer Half-Shaft:

Axle Housings & Axles:

Carrier and Differential:

Note Install Date on Ring Gear: 22.12.1972

Pinion and ID Data:

Wired Up Ring Gear. Note my poor "Low Impact Hammer" in the back...

Transaxle Installed:

Close-Up of Degreed Flywheel:

Another MAJOR project behind me.

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