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The Next Project - Front Suspension Upgrade

We are working on the next project - an upgrade of my front suspension components. The goal is to replace the old parts, and add a couple additional performance and reliability features along the way.

Main Items:

  • New Ball Joints and TREs
  • New Wheel Bearings and Seals
  • Adjustment of Brake Hose Routing
  • General Cleanup

    Performance / Reliability Features:

  • Upper Ball Joints Milled for 2* More Caster
  • W-Wadeco Camber Lock System
  • Powder Cost Suspension Parts
  • Zerks on All Ball Joints & TREs
  • Painting of all Exposed Steel

    Here's a picture to get you interested.

    Here is a slide show of the work to date. I will add more as the reassembly progresses.

    Suspension Upgrade - Slide Show

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